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Data sheet for Dealership/ Distributorship queries


If you are interested in becoming a dealer/ distributor for our products, please contact us at mail@medinippon.jp with the following details:


1. Registered name of your firm & Regn No:
2. Registered office:
3. Date of establishment:
4. Total authorized capital:
5. Board of directors/ Partners:
6. Person for contacting with his/her designation, 

    postal address, telephone, fax numbers & email ID:
7. Total turnover (Last fiscal year)*:
8. Total no. of employees:
9. Regions/ states/ areas covered for marketing by you#:
10. No of marketing (exclusive) personnel:
11. Bankers:
12. List of  Products dealt with at present & Manufacturer/ supplier details
13. Projects under proposal
14. Business  proposals for the future
15. Special licenses & Government approvals: (Like export import, drug license, sales tax regn etc)


On the top of the message, when sent by fax or in the subject title when contacting us by email, please mention any one or more of the business avenues ( Medical product / Personal hygiene, Cosmetics / Bio-technology / Agriculture / Hospitality sector / Technology transfer / Joint research ) you wish to have association with us, for us to process the enquiry relevantly



*That doesn't mean we discourage new ventures and fresh starters; as we ourselves were new some time ago.

# You may mention your plans if you don't have a market presence already.

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