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Journal publication (Online)

Journal of Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine (JSRM) is published by NHK Services and is the official organ of German Society for Stem Cell Research (GSZ). The JSRM published since 2006 is now indexed in top search engines and NIH papers have already been included in Pubmed. This open-access journal, apart from publishing this exclusive online journal, circulates bi-monthly e-newsletter to all its subscribers. There is no fee for subscription.


Music Creation

A truly cross-cultural creative caucus under the banner "Angre & Nut" is affiliated with NHK services and the copyright of all the productions by Angre & Nut are owned by NHK Services. Most of its revenue from music creation supports the research fund of M/s Hope Foundation, a public charity trust working on corneal blindness prevention & treatment, cancer treatment & research as well as hygiene of women and empowerment of rural women in developing nations..

Fine Art & Media

The banner "Crayawns" was started to promote the equality among children of various abilities and later as patrons started requesting the art work by this creators be used in their corporate stationary, NHK services adopted Craywans. This duo deal with designing of corporate logo, visual art work for business promotion, choreography and other tools in visual media to select clientele.