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Welcome to Nichi In Cancer Out (NICO )

NICO NICO is an initiative by Nichi-Vision Life Sciences to predict, prevent and persecute Cancer, employing our immune system both directly and indirectly. The incidence of cancer has been increasing alarmingly with the industrialization and abrupt change in lifestyles. Our core strengths are decades of research in human immune system, which nib the cancer cells as they bud. Nico Nico also means "A gentle smile" in Japanese and we expand NICO as "Nichi-In Cancer Out".

Human immune system is a highly complex phenomenon that acts in coherence with multi varied factors to bring in a homeostasis to keep the foreign pathogens and cancer cells from overpowering our body while not to over act thereby ending up in an autoimmune disease wherein the body`s immune cells end up killing our own cells. The NICO NICO initiative provides technologies, products and services which are already available to detect one own immune systems capability in predicting cancer as well as to prevent cancer from developing, including the immune cell based therapies(AIET; www.immunotreatment.org) for patients under this initiative in collaboration with Japanese institutes.

The unexplored territories and complexities of the human immune system are our focus of further research are on improvisation of the human immune cells to be better equipped to attack cancer cells in vivo and on developing ideal and powerful antibodies against human cancers.

We welcome your inputs and support in any manner, if it is going to help us move towards our goal.