CHAMP coding is an unique and harmonized coding system for easy and error free identification, ordering, dispatch, billing, transfer between various divisions/sub-stores within the hospital, inventory management and when needed product recall as well.

Starting from the manufacturer to importer/dealer/distributor/stockist in the industry side and from the purchase department master entry to all medical and paramedical staff including pharmacy where the product might be sold to the post-treatment follow in insurance claim and rehabilitation centre will use this single code which incorporates into itself all the product related data such as manufacturers name, batch and lot no, expiry date, reorder code, JAN code, product specification, MRP, Insurance claim description etc.

This product, developed by M/s Medius Solutions Co Ltd., (Japanese brand name: MECCUL) comes to rest of the world from Japan where the same has been in in utilization in more than 30% of the hospitals since 2007, by using which the individual hospitals don't need to make a master data of purchase/billing and keep updating. This cumbersome work is taken care of by us with continuous update.

GN Corporation has been assigned the marketing and promotional rights of this system in all the countires except Japan and India